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Basic Chromatography Vials

BASIK Brand™ Vials, Inserts and Caps
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  • Value Priced for Budget Minded
  • Meets or Exceeds all Instrument Specs
  • Excellent Choice for non-Critical Applications

Basik™ Vials, Inserts & Caps were developed to bring a simple autosampler vial line to the market that has exceptional value with emphasis on low cost without sacrificing quality standards that are required for confidence in batch to batch performance. The Basik™ brand of vials offers the following features;

  • Low Cost/High Value
  • Specifications that meet or exceed minimum laboratory demands
  • Vials that are produced using inline vision camera systems as they are tooled to assure perfect fit and form.
  • Caps that do not “extract” under normal conditions and will not jam your autosampler
  • Strict Quality Control of each and every batch to make sure you don’t have a problem and have to investigate mysterious lost peaks, extra peaks or quantitation errors due to improper vials.

* Made of first hydrolytic, Type-1, formula 33 or N51A expansion borosilicate glass.

  • Not all vials are created equal...
The BASIK™ caps and septa are manufactured and quality tested the same way with extremely high standards for extractables, pierce-ability and resealing and these can be certificated as well upon request.