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CDMR™ Center Draining Max Recovery Vials

AQ™ Brand glass vials with built in draining system for precious samples CDMR Vials
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Our “center draining” design allows liquid samples to flow freely and completely to the bottom of these glass vials into a conical or concave reservoir. This is especially helpful when maximum recovery or your sample is desired.

Similar competitor’s vials have an internal “ridge” where they fuse the vial blanks with the vial bottoms. This ridge will hold up to 17ul of fluid in a 1.8ml vial. The patented manufacturing process and design of our vials uniquely allows for a more complete flow than “knock off” versions of our vials where our internal surface is virtually seamless, top to bottom.

CDMR™ vials and bottles are made with TYPE 1, formula 33 first hydrolytic laboratory grade borosilicate glass and all specifications including internal bottom heights of all vials are tightly controlled so not to cause damage to needles. No other vial compares to CDMR™ for consistency or performance.

Available in Easy Purchase Packs (vial and cap kits) or vials only.

MRQ™ Vials for Total Recovery

Library Storage Vials
Max Recovery for Autosamplers


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Easy Purchase Pack. MRQ Maximum Recovery screw top autosampler vials clear 1.2ml fill volume, 12x32mm and polyethylene, single injection caps. Clear tray pack. 100/pack. 175.04Order
Vials, 3.8ml CD-MR center draining maximum recovery for use with Waters' autosamplers, amber borosilicate glass, 14.75 x 45mm. For use with 13mm caps. Trumpet Bottom. AQ Brand. 100/pack. 240.54Order
Easy Purchase Pack. Autosampler vials, MRQ Max Recovery, snap/crimp top 1.2ml clear glass, 12x32mm and 11mm silver crimp caps w/ AQR silicone/PTFE septa. AQ brand. 100/pack. 141.4Order
Easy Purchase Pack, MRQ™ clear screw top vials, 1.5ml fill volume (12x32mm) and light blue AQR™ caps with fitted Silicone/PTFE septa. RSA-Pro™ Brand. 100/pack. 230.51Order
Easy Purchase Pack, MRQ™ Maximum Recovery screw top autosampler Vials made with RSA™ glass, clear 1.5ml fill volume, (12x32mm) and polyethylene, single injection caps. Clear tray pack. RSA™ Brand. 100/pack. 176.25Order
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