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Tubing Cutter for PEEK Tubing

Clean-Cut90™ for PEEK HPLC Tubing

  • Easy to Use and Get Good Cuts
  • Time Saving Quick
  • Achieve perpendicular cuts

Use this tubing cutter for very good cuts of PEEK Tubing.

This tool helps you achieve a perpendicular cut of the PEEK tubing due to the fact that the your tubing is held in place while the two faced blade cuts straight down on one side and at an angle on the other side of the tubing.

The locking mechanism of the cutter keeps the blade in a closed position when not in use which helps keep the blade from being dulled.

Replacement blades are available; it is recommended to change the blades often.

Supplied with one spare blade and a plastic storage case.

Tubing Cutter for PEEK Tubing

Clean-Cut9™ for PEEK HPLC Tubing

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Clean-Cut90 Cutting Tool for PEEK Tubing, w/Case and replacement blade. Makes 90 degree cuts. 1 Each. 33.46Order
Replacement Blade for Clean-Cut90 Tubing Cutter 1 Each. 7.42Order