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Image of Vaious sizes of PEEK Columns


PEEK Columns

Hardware for Packing Columns
  • Available in 2.1, 4.6 or 7.5mm ID
  • Chemically Inert
  • Packing Reservoirs Match Column ID

MicroSolv’s PEEK columns are extruded from Victrex® PEEK and are of the highest quality and reproducibility. Graphite (20%) is added to the formulation in order to achieve a black surface with a sheen and not other chemical or physical treatment is done leaving these columns more biocompatible.

Manufacturing columns from the crude extruded tube is performed on the finest lathes available in the world. PEEK or Stainless Steel frits with 5 µm porosity are available to keep the packing in place. The inner bore of the columns are not treated in any way and receives its mirror like surface through our proprietary extrusion method. Slurry reservoirs and packing adapters are manufactured of the same PEEK and methods as well. This guarantees a biocompatible packing from the very start and without the contamination of any metals or changes to your bio analytes due to the column hardware.

Thread size for 2mm ID columns; 1/4 - 28, for 4.6mm; 1/2 - 20 and for 7.5mm; 5/8 - 18.

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Column, PEEK, 30mm x 2.1mm ID, 2um Frit, 1/4"OD, complete set. 1 each. 178.81Order
Column, PEEK, 50x2.1mm ID, 1/4" OD, 2um, complete set. 1 each. 172.34Order
Column, PEEK, 100 x 2.1mm ID, 1/4" OD, 2um, complete set. 1 Each. 180.45Order
Column, PEEK, 150x2.1mm ID, 1/4" OD, 2um, complete set. 1 Each. 225.63Order
Column, PEEK, 250x2.1mm ID, 1/4" OD, 2um, complete set. 1 each. 273.24Order
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