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  Image of inside of 10 cavity vial rack

Image of Vial Rack with lid opened



Headspace Vial Storage Boxes

For 20ml, 30ml and 40ml EPA & Headspace Vials

  • Convenient and Safe
  • For Storage and Transportation
  • Stackable
  • Autoclavable

These Autosampler Vial Storage Boxes can be used as racks for EPA or headspace vials and are a safe and convenient way to store and transport your sample vials. Temperature resistant from -80°F +/- 100°F, these special boxes are ideal for storage in freezers. The transparent lid prevents condensation on the closures to minimize or prevent problems that occur with preparing samples the day before analysis.

Available in two different designs: the first of which will fit 20ml vials, with 16 cavities sized at 130 x 130 x 102mm. The second design is made for 30ml and 40ml vials and has 10 cavities sized at 130mm x 130mm x 105mm. These cavities allow for your vials to store safely in a standing position on the laboratory table. Available in violet.

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Storage Box/Rack w.cover, PP, for 20ml EPA/VOA vials, violet, 130mm x 130mm x 102mm. 16 cavities. 1 each. 44.14Order
Storage Box/Rack w.cover, PP, for 30 & 40ml EPA/VOA vials, violet, 130mm x 130mm x 105mm. 10 cavities. 1 each. 51.68Order