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Vials & Caps, 12x32mm Screw Top

Screw top vials, 12x32mm, 8-425 thread, 2mL, small opening

  • Most Economical Vials
  • High Quality
  • Full Compatibility

Basik™ brand autosampler vials are our most economical vials and are made of first hydrolytic, Type-1, 33 expansion, borosilicate glass with high quality standards in process monitoring and testing. These vials are used with some older Beckman™, CTC™, Gilson™, Knauer™, Shimadzu™, Spark™, Varian™ and Hitachi™ autosamplers. Made with 8-425 screw threads these vials have a 6.0mm opening while the inserts for them have a 5.0mm opening.

All vials, caps and inserts are packed 100 per pack and sold separately unless noted in the ordering chart. Used in GC or HPLC. Silanized vials are available.

Vials & Caps, 12x32mm Screw Top

Screw top vials, 12x32mm, 8mm, 2mL, small opening

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Caps only, autosampler, 8-425mm screw threads, black polypropylene open top. For use with 8-425, 12x32mm autosampler vials and appropriate septa. Basik brand. 1,000/case. 48.71Order
Caps, autosampler, 8-425mm screw threads, black polypropylene, 5.5mm center hole with fitted preslit Silicone/PTFE septa, 45 Shore A, 1.3mm thick. BASIK brand. 10 bags of 100/case. 459.04Order
Easy Purchase Pack. Autosampler vials, screw top, 2.0ml clear glass 8-425mm threads, 12x32mm and black screw caps w/fitted silicone/PTFE septa. Basik brand. 100/pack. 37.99Order
Septa, 8mm diameter for autosampler screw caps. Made with butyl rubber/PTFE (red/grey) 55 shore A, 1.3mm thick. Caps sold separately. 1000 per case. 123.77Order
Vials, 2ml Amber silanized deactivated borosilicate glass, screw top with 8-425mm threads, 2ml 12x32mm. BASIK brand. 100/pack. 41.78Order
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