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HPLC Solvent Filter Assembly


Center Draining Maximum Recovery Vials/bottles

Large capacity with minimal dead volume less than 4 µL
  • Screw top or Snap/Crimp Tops
  • Patented Design
  • Excellent for storing compounds
  • Available in RSA™ Glass

The design of the Maximum Recovery vials incorporates a unique, continuous wall that “rounds” off at the bottom. The liquid will “drain to the center” of the vial and are useful when you want to inject as much of the contents as possible. Excellent choice for wash vials or standards where many injections are taken from the same vial. The high quality makes them the choice of many laboratories around the world.

Snap top, crimp top, 9mm screw top (1.5ml vials, 12x32mm) or 13mm Screw Top (4ml, 15x45 vials) are available to best suit your needs. Available in RSA™ Reduced Surface Activity glass or “deactivated” for compounds that are hydrophobic.

All aspects of quality are strictly controlled including the dimensions, quality of glass, cleanliness of final product and packaging to make the most reliable center draining, maximum recovery vial in the world.

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Vials, Maximum Recovery screw top amber, 1.8ml fill volume, 9-425, 12x32mm. MicroSolv brand. 100/pack. 183.8Order
Easy Purchase Pack. MRQ Maximum Recovery screw top autosampler vials clear 1.2ml fill volume, 12x32mm and polyethylene, single injection caps. Clear tray pack. 100/pack. 175.04Order
Vials, Maximum Recovery screw top Amber, 9mm thread, 1.8ml fill volume, (12x32mm). RSA™ Brand. 100/pack. 150.5Order
Easy Purchase Pack, Maximum Recovery screw top autosampler Vials amber made with RSA™ glass, 1.8ml fill volume, (12x32mm) and polyethylene, single injection screw caps. RSA™ Brand. 100/pack. 169.3Order
Easy Purchase Pack. Autosampler vials, MRQ Max Recovery, snap/crimp top 1.2ml clear glass, 12x32mm and 11mm silver crimp caps w/ AQR silicone/PTFE septa. AQ brand. 100/pack. 141.4Order
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