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Image of Bottle Cap

 Image of cap, ring & insert

Bottle Cap For HPLC

Inert Mobile Phase Cap
  • Inert, Medical Grade PTFE
  • Prevents Contamination
  • Allows Proper Venting

Most labs use this bottle cap (also called Solvent Delivery Caps) to ensure that their mobile phase is not contaminated and thereby helps to comply with their HPLC GLP requirements. Your mobile phase will only contact medical grade PTFE so there will not be any contamination from plastic or wax film.

Keeping these caps on the bottles with the tubing through holes prevents dust and dirt from getting in and minimizes outgassing or absorption of CO2 from the atmosphere. The cap assembly can be autoclaved.

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Catalog# Description PricingAdd!
Cap, mobile phase delivery, PTFE insert with 3 holes. Blue, GL-45 screw threads. 1 each. 48.11Order
Cap, mobile phase delivery, open top modified to accept PTFE insert. Blue, GL-45 screw threads. 1 each. 16.76Order
Cap, blue with GL-45 screw threds for mobile phase delivery system. 1 each. 7.95Order