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      Wrenches & Pliers/Tubing Straighteners

Image of Pliers

Beta Tool™. Stainless Steel Tubing straightener with soft grips. Use to remove kinks or bends in standard OD HPLC stainless steel tubing or as needle nose pliers. 1 each.
Cat. No. 46010-BT
  Image of Valve Tool
ValveTool, with 1/4" opened slip on and 5/16" flat wrench. 1 each.
Cat. No. 46090-V1
Image of Wrench

Wrenches; Open End
Wrench Open End (Flat), 1/4 and 5/16". 1 each.
Cat. No. 46030-01

Wrench Open End (Flat), 3/8 and 7/16". 1 each.
Cat. No. 46030-02