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  MicroSolv Technology Corporation designs, produces and sells Products for separation and purification sciences, including HPLC, LCMS, CE and Sample Handling Who is MicroSolv Technology Corporation?
A privately held company in the USA that acquires, develops and manufactures technologies such as TYPE-C HPLC columns, RSA autosampler vials, syringe filters, HPLC fittings, Capillary Electrophoresis dynamic coatings and other tools for separation sciences. We serve chemistry, medical and clinical R&D, environmental, forensic and biological laboratories worldwide through our distribution network which includes VWR International in North America, Hichrom LTD, ML Sciences, PM Separations and others throughout the world.

Our expertise combines science, product innovation and a culture of excellence to offer our customers an extremely good overall experience.

Originating as a product line in 1992 by Scientific Resources, Inc. (SRi), MicroSolv was formally organized as a corporation in 1997.

Why do business with MicroSolv Technology Corporation?
Customer Experience; MicroSolv is dedicated and committed to nothing less than an excellent experience for every customer. Also, our innovative technologies and our support will bring you tools that will help you become more successful, sooner and easier.

Company Address
MicroSolv Technology Corporation
9158 Industrial Boulevard NE
Leland, NC 28451

Phone: 1-732-380-8900
Fax: 1.910.769.9435
Toll-free in USA: 1.888.248.4972
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Mission Statement of MicroSolv Technology Corporation
Our mission is to encourage, develop, promote, assist, and aid in the improvement and development of chemistry and biological technologies. To participate in the discovery of new technologies that will improve the living condition of people and animals all over the world and to provide an excellent overall customer experience. It is within the scope of our mission that our customers using our technology will make a major improvement to the human condition.

Also, our mission is to provide an easy, effective and efficient way to purvey information and to become an exchange of ideas that promotes science in both the professional and amateur fields.

Philosophy of MicroSolv Technology Corporation
MicroSolv Technology Corporation was founded on the principle of Quality. We therefore seek to provide quality in every aspect of our business but mostly for the Customer Experience. The minimum we will accept are quality products that perform and are easy to use and understand. Quality information provided to our customers, and other scientists, purchasing personnel and our vendors are integral to our philosophy. We also believe that our products, packaging and dealings should be as environmentally friendly as possible. We are always willing to listen to you for better ways to accomplish this.

Policy and Procedures

Payment Terms and Billing for US, Canadian or International customers:
For regular customers with pre-approved accounts, our terms are Net 30 days, FOB shipping point or ex-factory when appropriate. For new customers, our terms are cash in advance or major credit card. International customers must pay in advance and are responsible for import duty and taxes if they apply.

It is very easy to open an account, contact us via fax or phone to open an account today. Click here to apply for credit online:
Credit Application Form

Shipping Method:
All stock items are shipped within 24 hours of actual receipt of the order via FedEx or UPS. This will insure quick delivery in the US and Canada.
All International Shipments are shipped via FedEx or UPS Next Day Air unless otherwise directed by the customer.

All invoices are payable in US Dollars drawn on a US Bank or by bank to bank transfer. Major Credit Cards may be accepted for pre-approved customers: Visa, Master Card or American Express.

General Terms and Conditions:
MicroSolv Technology Corporation reserves the right to change product specifications, packaging, design or prices without notice. We accept no liability for changes made without notice.

International Handling Fee:
For some products, an international handling fee may apply. This fee is for shipping and duty charged from Europe, Asia, South America or Australia. Shipments over $2,000.00 are exempt from this fee.

The products listed on this website and subsequent downloads or printouts are not intended for direct food, medicinal, clinical or diagnostic use and soley intended for use in Chromatography or Capillary Electrophoresis. We assume no responsibility or liability for misuse of these products, information or misunderstanding of this Information. We do believe these items are completely compatible with the units they are designed for at the time of authoring. We are not responsible for any design changes made by your instrument manufacturer, which may make these items incompatible.


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