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To provide quick support on our products, we have developed the following lists of frequently asked questions for each of our products.

  AutoSampler Products
  Bidentate C18, HPLC Columns
  Buffers for CE
  CelerityCE™ Bonded Capillaries
for Anions & Organic Acids
CE, Dynamic Coating to Stabilize EOF
Cations & Aliphatic Amines
for Neutral & Charged Molecules
  Classic™ Fittings
  Cogent HPLC Products
  Cogent TYPE-C™ HPLC Columns
  Controlled Flow Capillaries
Zero Flow Capillaries
  Custom Buffers for CE
  Degasser, In Line - 4 Channel
Make Consistent Mobile Phases
  Fittings, Classic
Male Nuts, Tees, Crosses & Unions
  Fittings for HPLC
  HeadSpace Vials & Caps
  HPS™, High Purity Silica
  hQ™, Cogent HPLC Columns
  HSQ Kit™
for HPLC Compliance
  KRC - Knitted Reactor Coils & Delay Tubes
  Photochemical Reactor
Continuous Photolytic Derivation Device
  PreColumn Filters
for HPLC Columns
Silica-Hydride Based HPLC Columns
  Syringe Filters
Silica Based HPLC Products
  UDC-Cholesterol HPLC Columns
  Window Maker™
CE Detection Windows made easily
  Zero EOF Capillaries