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Fitting 47302-11

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  Tees for HPLC
ENDURE™ CarbonPEEK High Pressure Fittings w/10-32 Threads

Introducing the Endure™ CarbonPEEK HPLC fittings for extra durability. These fittings will endure higher temperatures, solvent exposure and over-tightening longer than standard PEEK fittings.

Tee, High Pressure, Standard Size,
Hand Tighten.
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Tee Adapter, HPLC, PEEK, 0.010 (0.3mm) bore with 10-32 threads complete with 2 male nuts. 1 set/each. 120.04Order
Tee Adapter, HPLC, PEEK, 0.010 (0.3mm) bore with 10-32 threads. Male nuts sold separately. 1/each. 96.68Order
Tee, HPLC, Endure brand, carbon-PEEK, 0.50" bore with 10-32 threads, 26mm x 8mm x 8mm complete with male nuts 21mm long, 8mm hex. 2/pack. 259.54Order