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Image of 3 Fused Insert Glass Vials

Low Volume Autosampler Vials

Screw top vials made with glass fused inserts

  • Convenience Adds to Lab Efficiency
  • High Quality
  • Best Inserts
  • Silanized Available

Vials shown on the left are examples of vials with low volume inserts installed and permanently “fused” in. These vials/inserts are available for snap/crimp top or 9mm screw top vials and eliminate the need for separate limited volume inserts such as Polyspring Inserts.

The ultimate in convenience when using small volumes.

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Vials, 300ul clear fused insert (12x32mm) screw top vials with write on patch made with RSA-Pro™ glass. RSA-Pro™ Brand. 100/pack. 170.98Order
Easy Purchase Pack. 300ul Vials, 12x32mm, ScrewTop vials and Blue Screw Caps w/PTFE/Silicone/PTFE. Fused Inserts. Borosilicate, Amber. 100/pack. 188.86Order
Easy Purchase Pack: Clear Borosilicate Glass Vial (12x32mm) 9-425, w/300 ul Fused Insert and Write On Patch and LC-Clean Caps w/Clear Silicone Septa QC certified 100 vials and caps/pack. 176.69Order
Easy Purchase Pack Clear Borosilicate Silanized Glass Vial (12x32mm) 9-425, w/300ul Silanized Fused Insert and WO Patch and LC-Clean Caps w/Clear Silicone Septa QC certified 100/pack. 202.21Order
Easy Purchase Pack, Vials, 300ul, 9-425mm screw threads, translucent polypropylene. Screw caps, blue, bonded Silicone/PTFE septa. MicroSolv™ Brand. 1,000/case 467.49Order
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