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Cogent F5™ Pentafluorophenyl

  Natural Products Purification
  Unique Selectivity
  Useful for Aromatics
  Improved Phenyl Phase

Cogent F5™ HPLC Columns are designed to provide a unique separation mechanism for a wide range of molecules but are particularly effective for retention of fluorinated compounds. CogentF5™ is very useful to differentiate between halogen bearing compounds and their analogs and positional isomers.

Use with a Wide Range of Solvents
Using an Acetonitrile and Water mobile phase, aromatic compounds (commonly found in pharmaceuticals) are easily separated. When used with fluorinated solvents such as 2,2,2-trifluoroethanol, a very useful selectivity for compounds will be observed for hydrogen bonding/donor functionalities. Using Trifluoracetic acid at low pH can be effective for peptide and other biological separations.



Cogent F5™ Pentafluorophenyl

Made with TYPE-B Silica

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Cogent Columns w/Cogent F5 PentaFluroPhenyl 60A 5um. Includes 4mm x 20mm for use with Guard System. Holder sold separately. 5/PK 501.14Order
Cogent Stand Alone Column System F5 60A 5um PentaFluoroPhenyl. Includes one holder and 5e 4mm x 20mm columns. 5/PK. 573.85Order
CUSTOM ORDERS ONLY. Cogent Columns F5 Pentafluoro phenyl Low Surface Area 60A 5um. Includes 5e 2.0mm x 20mm for use with Guard System. 5/PK 501.14Order
Cogent F5 HPLC column pentafluor-phenyl phase 60A-5um particles. 50mm x 2.1mm. 1/each. 515.43Order
Cogent F5 HPLC column pentafluor-phenyl phase 60A-5um particles. 100mm x 2.1mm. 1/each. 650.55Order
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