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Cogent PFP Pentafluorophenyl Phase

  Natural Products Purification
  Unique Selectivity
  Useful for Aromatics
  Improved Phenyl Phase

Cogent PFP HPLC Columns are designed to provide a unique separation mechanism for a wide range of molecules but are particularly effective for retention of fluorinated compounds. CogentF5™ is very useful to differentiate between halogen bearing compounds and their analogs and positional isomers.

Use with a Wide Range of Solvents
Using an Acetonitrile and Water mobile phase, aromatic compounds (commonly found in pharmaceuticals) are easily separated. When used with fluorinated solvents such as 2,2,2-trifluoroethanol, a very useful selectivity for compounds will be observed for hydrogen bonding/donor functionalities. Using Trifluoracetic acid at low pH can be effective for peptide and other biological separations.



Cogent PFP Pentafluorophenyl

Made with TYPE-B Silica

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Cogent RP HPLC Column, PFP, 10µm, 100Å , 50 x 4.6mm 402.19Order
Cogent RP HPLC Column, PFP, 10µm, 100Å , 100 x 4.6mm 424.13Order
Cogent RP HPLC Column, PFP, 10µm, 100Å , 150 x 4.6mm 460.69Order
Cogent RP HPLC Column, PFP, 10µm, 100Å , 250 x 4.6mm 511.88Order
Cogent RP HPLC Column, PFP, 3µm, 100Å , 50 x 4.6mm 541.13Order
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