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About Cogent™ HPLC Columns:

Cogent Definition
Pronunciation: 'kO-j&nt
Function: adjective and name of a new innovative, reliable HPLC Column line
Etymology: Latin cogent-, cogens, present participle of cogere to drive together, collect, from co- + agere to drive.
Date: 1659 to Present and for the future.


  1. Having power to compel or constrain , power to retain and resolve .
  2. a: appealing forcibly to the mind or reason : CONVINCING , a great value .
    b: PERTINENT, RELEVANT , Modern, Useful to you.

Synonym: see Valid or Validate or Great Value.

Cogent HPLC Columns are manufactured by MicroSolv Technology Corporation to standards that meet the most stringent demands required today in separation sciences worldwide.

Cogent HPLC Columns are an innovative HPLC Column line designed for routine chromatographic applications, new method research and development and for problem separations such as hard to resolve compounds. Designed by a team of Scientists, Marketing Professionals and Customers, Cogent HPLC products use state of the art manufacturing technologies to drive innovation and results together.

Standard HPLC Columns - Cogent HPLC Products start with different particles for separations in HPLC:

  1. Cogent HPS
    Cogent HPS™, Type-B, High Purity Silica with extremely low metal content is available from MicroSolv Technology Corporation or one of our dealers; this product is designed for specific results and is made with a 120A pore size; reproducibility is assured along with characteristics unique to this material. This product is manufactured from highly distilled monofunctional organosilanes for purity and thermally treated with proprietary methods for purity, strength, high surface area and high porosity.

  2. Cogent TYPE-C™ Silica
    TYPE-C Silica™ is based on a Type-B, high purity backbone and is further manufactured to cover the silica with silica-hydride (Si-H) thus replacing 97% of surface silanols (Si-OH). This unique surface along with our proprietary bonding technology results in C18, C8, Amide, Diol, Phenyl, UDA or Cholesterol HPLC columns that have unique character and benefits called Selectivity3™, useful in Reverse Phase, Normal Phase or Aqueous Normal Phase.