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Cogent Diamond Hydride

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Amino Acid Separation without Derivatizing

This figure shows the extracted ion chromatogram (EIC) of a nineteen amino acid mixture under gradient conditions.

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Method Conditions and Sample Preparation Protocol

From our experience with amino acid separations in the ANP mode of separation, samples should be prepared as follows:
  1. Stock sample solution (if used) should be prepared in 100% water with 0.1& formic acid (or acetic acid: depends which acid is used in your mobile phase).
  2. Samples used for LC-MS should be diluted using 60% acetonitrile + 0.1%formic (or acetic acid) /40% DI water +0.1% formic (or acetic);
If the stock sample solution is not used sample should be prepared as in point 2 above.

Method Run Conditions:
Column: 2.1 x 150 mm Cogent Diamond Hydride™
Solvent A: DI water + 0.1% formic (or acetic) acid
Solvent B: Acetonitrile + 0.1% formic (or acetic acid)
Flow rate: 0.4 mL/min
Gradient conditions:
     0 - 5 min start at 100%B
     5 - 6 min to 90% B
     6 - 7 min hold 90% B
     7 - 9 min to 70%B
     9 - 10 min hold 70%B
     10- 18 min hold 100%B

     2 min hold 100%B (for equilibration)