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Hydrophobic C30 HPLC Column

High Carbon Load for Hyrdophilic Compounds

 Compare to YMC C30® | Save Money | Long Column Life | Good for Peptide

Cogent Type-B, HPLC materials are spherical in shape and produce higher column efficiencies because closely distributed silica particles can form more tightly packed beds thereby reducing the column void volume.

C30 columns are useful for long-chain, mostly hydrophobic isomers. And are often a better alternative to normal phase columns for the same compounds since they do not suffer from the problems typical of normal phase HPLC. C30 columns have shown shape selectivity for these isomers.

The Cogent C30™ columns are available in a 200A pore size making them an excellent choice for large molecules such as carotenoids, peptides and some proteins.

The particle sizes available for these columns is 5um or 3um and perform predictably with regard to column efficiency and back pressure.

C30 columns are optimally used at ambient or lower temperatures to maintain selectivity.

Hydrophobic C30 HPLC Column

Made with Type-B Silica

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Cogent RP HPLC Column, C30, 3µm, 200Å, 250 x 4.6mm 914.0625Order
Cogent RP HPLC Column, C30, 10µm, 200Å, 50 x 2.1mm 599.625Order
Cogent RP HPLC Column, C30, 10µm, 200Å, 100 x 2.1mm 680.0625Order
Cogent RP HPLC Column, C30, 10µm, 200Å, 100 x 4.6mm 548.44Order
Cogent RP HPLC Column, C30, 10µm, 200Å, 150 x 4.6mm 577.69Order
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