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   Filtration for the Laboratory

See our syringe filters for great value & exceptional quality.

  Filters, HPLC column saver
Filters, Last Drop™
Filters, membrane, 47mm, AQ™ Brand
Filters, mobile phase inlet, stainless steel
Filters, mobile phase, inlet, LastDrop™
Bottletop filtration device
Filter / Degasser
HPLC pre-column filters, PEEK
Membrane discs for mobile phase filtration, AQ™
Membrane funnel assembly

Pre-filters for HPLC columns
Sparging stones, stainless steel
Syringe Filters-AQ™ Brand, Certified
Syringes, chromatography, plastic, luer lock
Syringes, chromatography, plastic, luer slip

HPLC mobile phase, glass assembly, BASIK™ Brand

Our MicroSolv AQ™ brand syringe filters are certified by HPLC & other tests to assure that there are no extractables and performance is what you expect every time. We test & manufacture our nylon membranes to assure that they do not have any surface charge that could remove charged analytes during filtration.

MicroSolv AQ™ brand syringe filters are supplied with a certificate of analysis on request.