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"High Speed" HPLC Qualification System

What is the HSQ Kit? The High Speed Qualification (HSQ) Kit is designed to allow you to test and document your HPLC systems using NIST-Traceable standard reference materials. A dedicated, premium test column is provided with the kit to ensure the scientific integrity of the test results. Both isocratic and Gradient Systems can be qualified, with Variable Wavelength or Diode Array detectors.

  • Performs Holistic and Modular AIQ Tests - in Two Hours
  • Perform after Preventative Maintenance with immediate Instrument Uptime
  • Use to Calibrate your HPLC Instruments
  • Help Users fulfill their requirements to “Maintain Instruments in a Qualified State.” See USP <1058>

The HSQ System is comprised of 5 major components.
  • A series of NIST-Traceable calibration solutions, with Certificate of Analysis
  • The HSQ Test Column – Pre-Tested for the test protocols with a Certificate
  • A Validated Excel™-based software template (protected) to compile, calculate and graph the test results
  • A series of Test Protocols, which can be freely incorporated into your internal SOPs
  • Unending Technical Support and Educational Support
Click here to view a sample certificate (PDF format)

What Does it Test?
The HSQ Kit™ tests your HPLC for the following performance checks:
Holistic System Tests
Pump Autosampler Detector
HPLC Extra Column
Instrument Volume
Gradient Dwell Volume
Pump Flow Accuracy
Pump Flow Precision
Gradient Delivery
Autosampler Precision
Autosampler Volume Linearity
Autosampler % Carryover
Detector Short-Term Dynamic Noise
Detector Wavelength Accuracy
Primary Standard - up to 14 from 241nm- 641nm
Secondary Standard @ 205nm + 273nm
Detector Linearity over 3 Orders
   (equivalent to 100% - 0.1%)