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HSQ™ Kit Contents & Concentrations
NIST Traceable Solutions
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Gradient Visualization (GVS) 1.0 mg/ml Uracil
Linearity L1 Solution 0.00035 mg/ml Caffeine
Linearity L2 Solution 0.00035 mg/ml Caffeine
Linearity L3 Solution 0.069 mg/ml Caffeine
   Uracil is present as a pump flow stability marker.
Linearity L4 Solution 0.175 mg/ml Caffeine
Linearity L5 Solution 0.262 mg/ml Caffeine
Linearity L6 Solution 0.349 mg/ml Caffeine
HSQ RT Mixture Uracil, Theobromine, Theophylline, Caffeine,
Wavelength Calibration (WCS) 4% Holmium Oxide in 10% Perchloric Acid

Caffeine is dissolved in 10:90 1% Acetic Acid Solution:Acetonitrile