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About TYPE-C Silica™
based HPLC columns.

  What are they and how can they help you?

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Amide - TYPE-C

Amino - TYPE A+B
C8 300 - TYPE-C
C18 - TYPE A,B+C
C30 - TYPE B
Carboxylic Acid - TYPE-C
Cholesterol - TYPE-C
Cyano - TYPE A+B
Diol - TYPE B+C
Diamond Hydride™ - TYPE-C
Metabolomics kit - TYPE-C
Pentafluoro-phenyl (F5) - TYPE B
Phenyl - TYPE A,B+C
Silica - TYPE A,B+C
Silica-C™ - TYPE-C
Wide pore - TYPE-C
High Performance Columns
(Base Deactivated for Reverse Phase)
Cogent HPS™ - Ordinary Phase

Longer Chain, Hydrophobic
Columns - Ordinary Phase
Cogent C30™

Macro Molecules
Bidentate C8 300™ - TYPE-C™

Alternative to MicroBondapack®

Guard Columns - TYPE-C™

Column Storage

Mini Columns for Fast LC

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  How to use TYPE-C™ columns.

  Frequently Asked Questions

  Columns - TYPE-C™
  Bidentate C18™
  Bidentate C8™
  C8 300™
  Diamond Hydride™
Phenyl Hydride™
  UDA™ - (WCE)
  Fast LC & LCMS
  Metabolomics kit
  Suite of columns

  Order Cogent TYPE-C™ HPLC columns.



  How to store TYPE-C™columns.

  Reproducibility - Carbon Load

  Hydrophobicity & silanophilic tests

  What is Aqueous Normal Phase (ANP)?

  Upgrade Polar Compound Analysis

  Method development assistance & troubleshooting.


Cogent HPLC columns are available as Type A (irregular, silica particles), Type B (high purity, spherical silica particles) or TYPE-C™ (high purity, spherical silica hydride particles).