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   Capillary Electrophoresis Products

Method Kits for Ion Analysis, Neutral Compounds Proteins, Accessories & Capillaries

     • Capillaries, Simplus™ brand, 1, 10 & 25M lengths, Bare Fused Silica
     • Capillaries, Controlled EOF
     • CElixir-OA™, Anions & Organic Acids Kits
     • CElixir-pH, Dynamic Coating for Stable EOF
     • CElixir-Plus™, Non UV Cation Kits
     • CElixirPro3™, Protein Kit
     • CElixirSDS™
     • Dynamic Coatings for Capillary Electrophoresis
     • Hand Pump for CEC
     • Ion, Aliphatic Amine & Cations Analysis Kits for CE
     • Ion, Organic Acid & Anions Analysis Kits for CE
     • Magnifier Loop
     • Neutral Compound Analysis Kit for CE
     • Tools for CE & CEC
     • Window Maker™ and Cutting Tools for Capillaries for CE
     • Zero EOF Capillaries, Neutral Coating for CIEF or Protein Analysis