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LC Cleane



LC Clean® Caps for LCMS & HPLC

Suitable for Multiple LCMS Injections

  • Extractable Free Septa
  • Bonded & Reseal able
  • Pre-Slit Available for Alliance®

These autosampler vial caps are tested 3 times by an independent lab before they are released for sale. Never touched by human hands so no oils, salts, sugars or other contaminants will enter your LCMS analysis. Extra peaks are avoided so the need to launch time consuming and costly investigations are minimized due to the cap and the vial from MicroSolv Technology Corporation.

Using a new silicone rubber formulation, these clear, thick rubber septa are completely extractable free. No color in the rubber or the Teflon is one way we keep extractables out of your analysis.

Bonded to the caps and offered in “pre-slit” versions, these caps are also designed to reduce “septa plunging into your vial” when the autosampler vial needle hits off center or the needle is dull. Snap Caps are certified but not bonded.

The performance of these caps exceeds the highly sensitive Mass Spec Detectors’ requirements; these caps are the best choice for HPLC when you cannot afford spurious peaks from septa or cap extractables.

LC Clean® Caps for LCMS & HPLC

Suitable for Multiple LCMS Injections

Blue Caps are bonded.
Grey Caps are bonded and pre-slit.

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Caps, screw top, LC Clean, clear silicone / clear PTFE septa bonded in the cap. Use with 9-425mm 12x32mm screw top autosampler vials. LCMS compatible. QC Certified. 100/pk. 32.34Order
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Caps, screw top, grey, with clear, pre-slit clear Silicone/clear PTFE septa bonded use with 9-425mm autosampler vials. QC certified, LCMS compatible. 100/pk. 40.59Order