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Applications Library
Autosampler Vial Compatibility
Bibliography of TYPE-C™ Silica Based HPLC
Caffeine Absorbance Spectrum
Cogent TYPE-C™ Bonded Phase Hydrophobicity & Silanophilic Tests
Cogent TYPE-C™ Bonded Phase Structure Confirmation by NMR
Effects of Extra Column Volume in HPLC
Holmium Oxide, Official Absorbance Values
Holmium Oxide, Certified Wavelengths
Knowledge Base
Migration Times of Some Anions & Organic Acids Using CE
Photochemical Reactor References
PQ Kit Tests Examples
Pressure Conversion Chart
Silanophilic Interaction Test for TYPE-C™ Columns
Silanophilic Interaction Tests for Cogent TYPE-C HPLC Columns
Silica Hydride HPLC Column Bibliography
Syringe Filter Comparison Study (in situ)
USP Classification of Cogent™ Columns