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   Tubing for the Laboratory

Tubing for HPLC and other Lab uses Wide Range of PEEK & SS

     • Tubing Cutters         • Tubing Holders         • Flanging Tool

     • Delay Tubes
     • ETFE Tubing-Low Pressure
     • FEP Tubing-Low Pressure
     • Knitted Reactor Coils
     • PEEK, Natural Color
     • PEEK, Solid Color
     • PEEK, Striped
     • PEEK, Super-T™
     • PEEK Tubing Coils
     • PFA Tubing-Low Pressure
     • PTFE Tubing-Knitted Coils
     • PTFE Tubing-Low Pressure
     • Stainless Steel-316 Precut and Bulk

Select from various materials and configurations of tubing made from the best raw materials possible. Tight QC and manufacturing procedures produces the best and most relaible tubing for HPLC, GC, LC, CE, and many other applications.