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Syringe filters MicroSolv

NDX Syringe
High Throughput
Filters NDX

Every Shipment is Supplies with an Acutal Lot Analysis

All MicroSolv Filters are Color Coded for Pore Size and Membrane Type
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MicroSolv syringe filters are designed for high volume, high throughput applications. Every filter is tested for integrity to assure you that your samples are being filtered to protect your columns and instruments. Using only the very best membranes, each filter will perform the way you expect.

Available in nylon, PTFE, PVDF regenerated cellulose or cellulose acetate membranes or nylon with glass pre-filters. Others are available on a special order, please inquire for details.

Choose from 4mm, 13mm or 25mm polypropylene devices, all color coded for pore size and membrane type.