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Why Buy and Use Cogent™ HPLC Columns?

Manufactured with state of the art technologies, Cogent™ columns are becoming the choice of many advanced HPLC laboratories around the world.

The Cogent™ brand of HPLC columns have a wide range of performance options ranging from irregular, 10µm silica based stationary phases for historic methods to the advanced TYPE-C™ silica based columns for what were once impossible separations. All Cogent columns are tested and the actual test chromatogram is supplied.

All Cogentâ„¢ Columns are packed at very high pressure. These column tubes have a patented passivation technology which further enhances a good packed column with additional efficiency.

Buy Cogent TYPE-C™ Silica based HPLC Columns for if you want a column for unique selectivity, Precision & Robustness, when you need to use method extremes with other columns or if you want the most versatile HPLC column on the market. These columns are based on our High Purity, low metal content Silica and do not need to be end-capped. Using our patented technology these columns offer little to no surface silanols. The mobile phase will solvate these columns very differently from traditional HPLC phases resulting in a unique, robust, problem solving column that is multimodal. Use all the modes or just one.

One column will produce efficient, reproducible peaks in Reverse Phase, Normal Phase or Aqueous Normal Phase (Normal Phase elution and separation but using Aqueous Based Mobile Phases). Separate polar and non polar compounds in the same isocratic run, swap peak order by simple changes in mobile phase A:B ratios and many other powerful uses.

Buy Cogent HPS™ columns when you need the most reliable performance for separations and peak shape. Used widely for pharmaceutical applications, these reliable columns are tri-functionally bonded on our highest purity silica and lowest metal content. The particle size distribution is very tight and offers the highest in efficiency and reliability. These columns are double end-capped when appropriate. All the bonded phases are manufactured under strict anaerobic conditions and unique bonding techniques have been employed. For this reason the bonded phases are covered uniformly on the silica surface.


Why Buy and Use Cogent™ HPLC Columns?

  • Reliability
  • Excellent peak shapes
  • Powerful and Easy to Use
  • Stable