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Autosampler Vials & Caps


MicroSolv offers “4 tiers” or Series of different quality autosampler vials & caps to meet every need. Our Series 10,000 is unmatched for quality.
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SERIES 10,000
RSA™ – Best quality & most consistent vials  available today! Reduced surface activity vials for low abundance analytes or samples that are pH sensitive or basic in nature. Improved results with LCMS, GCMS or UHPLC.

SERIES 5,000

AQ™ Brand – Advanced Quality Autosampler Vials Equal to market leading "CERTIFIED" products. Made with the most advanced manufacturing processes. Certificates available upon request.

SERIES 2,000

MicroSolv™ Brand – Classic chromatography vials First choice of laboratories and instrument companies for many years with proven performance. Our original product and still very popular.

SERIES 1,000

BASIK™ Brand – Chromatography vials for tight budgets. Value with emphasis on low cost without sacrificing quality standards. For basic HPLC and GC.

Screw and Snap-Caps with septas made with an advanced formulation of high purity silicone rubber and cast PTFE. Soft Guard septa’s allow for easy and optimal penetration of autosampler needles to minimize extractables, provide superior re-sealing results, prevent missed injections and damage to your needles and instrument. Combined with our vials your instrument and samples will be guarded even after multiple injections.


Using only the very best base materials available, every autosampler product we provide is quality controlled for fit and form using in line production cameras. Strict in-house quality control procedures are always followed to assure conistency. Every MicroSolv lot is tracked, following a tight chain of custody for GMP, GLP and ISO compliance. Certificates of conformance are available upon request.

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