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Keeping your HPLC Columns Fresh is Simple!
Why Use a Guard Column?

Image of Guard Column Kit
Particulate Contamination

Particles collect in an HPLC column’s inlet frit or in the first millimeter of the packed bed. These valuable columns are usually discarded to avoid degradation of analysis such as peak tailing and split peaks. Instrument downtime can occur which can be very costly to your lab.

Chemical Contamination

Another source of problems are compounds that irreversibly bond to the stationary phase and are often injected into analytical columns. These compounds cause permanent damage to columns that are not protected by a guard column. Shifting of retention time and loss of resolution often results.

A Particulate and Chemical Filter

Particulate contaminants will be filtered by the guard column's frit before they collect on the analytical column. All dissolved and non-dissolved contaminants will be retained by the guard column's stationary phase before they destroy the analytical column.

Helpful Hints

  • All mobile phases, samples and additives should be filtered through a .45µm syringe filter.
  • Use a 0.2um filter for 2.2um Particles

  • It is recommended that guard columns are packed with the same stationary phase as the analytical column to be protected. (Eliminate the possibility of any loss of performance or selectivity.)

  • Pump seals and rotor seals should be replaced on a routine basis.