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Classic Fittings

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  Male Nuts for High Pressure
 2 Piece Units

Choose from a Wide Variety of Male Nuts and Ferrules to meet your specific needs. If you have any questions, contact MicroSolv’s technical support team. We would love to assist you.

Male Nuts Shown below requires the ferrule shown below sold separately. Ferrules are not shown in actual size and will fit with nuts which is specified.

Fitting 47320-30
Use w/double ferrule sold separately. Natural, 12mm Knurled Head, 18mm Total Length, 10cm Thread Length.
Fitting 47320-42
Use w/double ferrule sold separately. 7mm Hex Head, 11mm Total Length, 7mm Thread Length.
Fitting 47320-40
Use w/double Ferrule sold separately, 7mm Hex Head, 15mm Total Length, 11mm Thread Length.
Fitting 47320-34
Ferrule. Double Cone, PEEK. For use with 2 Piece Male Nuts, 1/16th". Grabs tubing at two points for tighter seal.